🎉 New features

If you have completed Strengthscope® before, you can now register onto a new project via your StrengthsHub™ homepage

If you are a Respondent with an existing StrengthsHub™ account (you have completed Strengthscope® before), you can now register onto a new project using the Project ID. To do this, just log into your StrengthsHub™ account and click on ‘add new assessment’ found on the top right of the page and enter the Project ID. Please note that you will need to complete Strengthscope® again if you use this function.

Released April 2021

Launch of our new Help Centre, Intercom

You can access our library of help articles about Strengthscope® and live chat with the Strengthscope Team for support. You can access support by clicking on the purple widget found on the bottom right of the screen.

Released February 2021

Strengthscope360™ available in 11 languages

Strengthscope360™ reports can now be completed and downloaded in any of our 11 languages, making it more accessible.

Released December 2020

Understanding Your Strengthscope® Report Course

The Understanding Your Strengthscope® Report online interactive course, is now offered as part of the Strengthscope® and Strengthscope360™ reports.

Released September 2020

Accessible Strengthscope® report

There is now the option to receive a Strengthscope® report that is compatible with screen readers. Find out more about this new inclusive feature here.

Released March 2020

🙌 Improvements

Respondent timeout notification

If the screen is left idle for ten minutes on StrengthsHub™, a notification will pop up asking if the user would like to stay logged in. If there is no response within one minute, the account will automatically log out. We have created this feature to protect data as Respondents and Raters could be entering sensitive and/ or confidential information.

Released June 2021

Respondent demographic questions

We have reviewed and updated our demographic questions on StrengthsHub™ to be aligned with UK government guidance. There are now multiple options for gender (as well as the option to not disclose) and add Race/Ethnicity and Location. Please note that the data collected from these questions are not visible to client admins and these questions can also be disabled for a whole Organisation. We collect this information for research purposes only.

Released June 2021

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